Assessment / Curriculum Design / Performance Improvement / Adult Learning & Integrated Techniques / Staff Development / C-Level Presentation / Communications Specialist / Sales Training

I develop training departments and design and deliver training that reduces learning-curves while increasing productivity. I identify disconnects, assess critical needs then employ unique techniques and blended programs targeted for the adult learner. My experience includes public/private school systems, healthcare, real estate, retail, technology, and call center environments. My dramatic improvements are a result of combining methodologies and strategies while reducing complex information to manageable core concepts.  I consistently earn top honors by effecting ROI quickly. Strengths:

  • Creating and developing training departments, staff, systems, peripheral materials and manuals.
  • Analyzing data to identify and proactively resolve performance issues.
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvement in all aspects of department operation.
  • Developing systems and strategies to ensure high quality customer service.
  • Specialty in all aspects of sales training. Experience with groups up to 1,500.

My education includes a BA from Virginia Wesleyan College, and Graduate 50 hours from various universities/educational institutions.


Restructured Department and Training, Sales Soar. Transformed new recruits to a team capable of driving numbers and managing critical care services by initiating specialized, training modules, creating a manual, and introducing metrics and tracking procedures. Sales rose 66% in 3 months; a 138% increase over previous team in 1/3 the time.

Development and Curriculum Redesign, Sales Increased, Customers Retained.  Selected and mentored department trainers to service large call centers with a staff of 1,500 . Revamped new-hire content and format, changes slashed learning-curve. Productivity peaked 68%-85% above previous record. Seasoned staff requested special retraining; customer service reported 30-50% increase in customer satisfaction. Accomplished in first three months; promoted.

Analyzed Data, Assessed Systems and Training Strategies, Productivity Doubled. Created sales training department for 1,500 person call center.  Promoted after 3 months and a 68% increase in sales. 

Improved Morale and Communication, Attrition Stemmed. Partnered with staff to develop a trust-based environment where leadership and intra/interdepartmental cooperation was developed, acknowledged and rewarded. Team-centric redesign, open-door policies, staff input and supportive management ended high turn-over and resulted in record sales.



MEDICAL SERVICES COMPANY, FL. Dir. of Inside Sales, 2006-2008. Transformed production of sales team. Introduced metrics and training that led to record sales.  Awards increased after redesign of RFP responses. Sales moved to India. 
KELLER WILLIAMS INTERNATIONAL, TX. Business Coach/Sr. Curriculum Designer, 2005-2006. Recruited for training mastery and expertise in scripts, systems and sales for the real-estate industry. Produced scripts CD that led sales by 80% at annual convention. Generated $1MM during 1st month launch of coaching program. Relocated for marriage.

BY REFERRAL ONLY, CA. Nat’l Facilitator/Sr. Curriculum Design, 2001-2005. Designed ground-breaking training for US/CN. Implementation of unique facilitation techniques promoted retention and membership growth by 67%. Original methodology improved effectiveness of coaching staff by 55%. Owner sought private coaching in my script training techniques.
TRUE SEATING CONCEPTS, CA/Taiwan. Dir. of Sales, 1999-2001.Recruited by former CFO for S.O.M.C. where I was the Director of Sales Training. Instituted best business practices for lead company and peripheral subsidiaries in preparation for public sale. Created manuals for systems, standards and management for all companies. Business relocated back to Taiwan.

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